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Cops Season 19 Episode 6

Cops Season 19 Episode 6

COPS from Palm Springs, CA; Okaloosa County, Florida; and Atlanta, GA. This episode’s stories include an officer who pursues a bicyclist who ignores orders to stop; an officer attempts to thwart a drug deal; and a man is arrested for drug possesion.

Cops Season 19 Episode 6 Soap2Day Review

The rapid development of the plot in Cops Season 19 Episode 6 completely captured my attention throughout the entire series, such a work is worthy of all praise.

2019 is rich in serials, but only in this I saw everything that I expect to see in a high-quality TV production, an excellent plot and an ending.

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Serie: Cops

Episode Title: Drug Arrests Special Edition #2

Air Date: 2006-11-04

Year: 2006