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Dr. Phil Season 16 Episode 105

Dr. Phil Season 16 Episode 105

Lisa emailed Dr. Phil for help because, after five orders of protection against her ex-husband, Steve, she says she feels helpless. She says she requested a sixth order of protection but was denied. Lisa claims Steve has a history of abuse toward her and their two boys, and she claims he recently showed up to their sons’ school causing a lockdown! Lisa says her boys, who are hearing impaired like their father, are terrified of Steve. But Steve says he hasn’t had any visits with his sons since May 2014, not because he has been abusive toward his children, but because Lisa has kept him from seeing them. Lisa says she will do anything to protect her sons and just wants Steve out of their lives so she can move on with hers and marry her 81-year-old fiancé.

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Dr. Phil Season 16 Episode 105 Soap2Day Review

One Dr. Phil Season 16 Episode 105 episode is worth ten in its genre, I don\\\'t know why I put off watching this amazing life story for so long.

2019 is rich in serials, but only in this I saw everything that I expect to see in a high-quality TV production, an excellent plot and an ending.

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Serie: Dr. Phil

Episode Title: "I Want My Ex-Husband Out of My Life So My 81-Year-Old Fiancé Can Adopt My Children"

Air Date: 2018-02-20

Year: 2018