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Dr. Phil Season 16 Episode 12

Dr. Phil Season 16 Episode 12

Bekah says she removed her mother from her children’s lives because she is mentally unstable, sinful and even discharged a firearm in her own home.

Dr. Phil Season 16 Episode 12 Soap2Day Review

The Dr. Phil Season 16 Episode 12 series was thought out by the director to the smallest detail, and the result is really worthy, the storyline develops organically.

I looked through all the new releases of 2019, and this series was a real discovery for me, the lively and realistic acting of the cast did its job.

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Serie: Dr. Phil

Episode Title: My Daughter and Son-in-Law Won't Let Me See My Grandchildren Until I Get a Psych Evaluation. I Want It From You, Dr. Phil!

Air Date: 2017-09-27

Year: 2017