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Ghost Hunters International Season 2 Episode 11

Ghost Hunters International Season 2 Episode 11

The GHI team remains in Tasmania to investigate a building that used to be the island’s Supreme Courthouse. But its walls also had a darker purpose at one time- it was originally built to be a prison, and execution ground. Then they fly to Malaysia to investigate Kellie’s Castle, a fabulous mansion built upon a tragedy- dozens of the Hindu workers died from sickness during its construction. The team also travels – sans Brandy – to Malaysia to investigate a castle built by a Scottish immigrant for his family. Many Indian workers died in its construction, and visitors have reported manifestations of both these departed laborers and the owner and his family.Taj Yaacob, the Property Operator, leads the investigators on a tour of a second-floor corridor where lights have been seen, and even videotaped. In addition, spirits have been witnessed in a former bedroom and in the horse stables.

Ghost Hunters International Season 2 Episode 11 Soap2Day Review

Ghost Hunters International Season 2 Episode 11 - this series has turned out with a unique atmosphere that relaxes and makes it possible to just have a good time watching an interesting story.

The series was released in 2019, which was one of the most productive in the industry, now another masterpiece on the list of my favorite TV works.

Episode Title: Tasmanian Death Sentence

Air Date: 2010-02-03

Year: 2010