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Ghost Hunters International Season 2 Episode 14

Ghost Hunters International Season 2 Episode 14

Location: Nottingham, England The team heads to the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham, England, where the legend of Robin Hood is said to have originated. Recruits from last year’s Academy, Susan and Karl, join the team in this facility that has reports of every kind of paranormal activity, including apparitions, attacks, noises, transfigurations and unexplained lights. Scott and Robb head to the modern cells with a bevy of technical equipment to document reports of noises and bumps. Soon, they get a fluctuating EMF reading and Robb gets a serious case of the chills. Brandy and Barry set up an EVP session in the Reception Area to communicate with the apparitions of a Victorian man and woman seen there. They hear a sighing noise, but can’t find the source. In the courtroom, where people have reported seeing a black shadow and feeling their pews being hit, Paul and Scott attempt to communicate, and almost immediately hear bumping noises and see shadows. Attempting to get consistency, Scott ”gets New York” on the spirit, growing more aggressive with his dialogue. They hear a loud bang, and Paul chases after it. Though they felt the entity was playing with them one moment, it seems to be gone the next. Later, Barry and Susan visit the courtroom, and they pursue the claim that the ghost of Judge Black transfigures – or changes the appearance of – people sitting in the judge’s chair. Susan boldly sits in the chair, where she feels some bizarre sensations. Barry documents the session with a still camera. Robb and Karl move to Robin Hood’s Tunnel, where the reports include dark masses as well as candlelight. They ask the presence to throw stones, or otherwise show itself. They hear a tapping sound, but soon deduce that it is caused by dripping water. Paul and Ashley investigate the Dark Cell, where a woman is said to have been thrown against a wall by a shadowy figure. They provoke the spirit, daring it to push them. They pursue the sound of a woman’s voice, but find no apparent source. Upon sitting on the cell’s bench, however, Ashley feels the wall behind her being hit. Then Ashley and Robb visit the Night Cell, where Robb uses the light meter in active mode, setting it to emit either UV or infrared light, and it begins to detect dramatic changes in the light coming through the door. After determining that the meter might be hurting the spirit, they switched it to passive mode, and the spirit departed. Paul and Scott explore the crumbling oubliette, where they hear a woman’s voice, but cannot find its source. During analysis, the team comes across a potential EVP and a mysterious form in one of the windows. Barry and Robb present their information, including a ”Yes” and a ”Get out” audio clip from the Modern Cells. Paul and Ashley’s EVP picks up a ”You’re right” response, and Robb and Karl’s session in the Dark Cell yields a catch of tapping that confirms their experience. Barry’s photographs from the courtroom show a mist appearing during Susan’s attempt at transfiguration, and a video clip shows another mysterious form in the courtroom. The client is thrilled to have some confirmation of what he and visitors have long suspected

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Ghost Hunters International Season 2 Episode 14 Soap2Day Review

One Ghost Hunters International Season 2 Episode 14 episode is worth ten in its genre, I don\\\'t know why I put off watching this amazing life story for so long.

The series was released in 2019, which was one of the most productive in the industry, now another masterpiece on the list of my favorite TV works.

Episode Title: The Spirit of Robin Hood

Air Date: 2010-07-14

Year: 2010