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Lead Balloon Season 3 Episode 4

Lead Balloon Season 3 Episode 4

Rick decides to change his ways after an accident and will only see the positives in people from now on. He is pushed to the limits by Magda as she looks to offload some of his most treasured items, and Marty is sure it won’t last. Elsewhere, Ben and Sam begin to move in a different direction and may have to split up.

Lead Balloon Season 3 Episode 4 Soap2Day Review

Lead Balloon Season 3 Episode 4 caused a storm of feelings in my heart, worried about each hero, like a loved one, they are all very nice and worthy characters.

In 2019, several decent television series were released, but only in this I saw the perfect acting game that made the characters in this series as real as possible.

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Serie: Lead Balloon

Episode Title: Karma

Air Date: 2008-11-27

Year: 2008