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Mongrels Season 1 Episode 4

Mongrels Season 1 Episode 4

Destiny is awarded Animal of Courage 2010 and enjoys her moment in the spot light. Tension in the yard builds though as tomcat Marion is the true hero, but Destiny refuses to tell the truth about what happened. When things backfires though she is forced to admit the truth. Urban fox Nelson is determined to experience the feeling of being stroked by a human.

Mongrels Season 1 Episode 4 Soap2Day Review

The rapid development of the plot in Mongrels Season 1 Episode 4 completely captured my attention throughout the entire series, such a work is worthy of all praise.

2019 was marked by the release of one of the best TV series in its genre, a gorgeous story with unpredictable plot twists and a logical ending.

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Serie: Mongrels

Episode Title: Nelson the Stroke Virgin

Air Date: 2010-07-13

Year: 2010