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Mongrels Season 1 Episode 6

Mongrels Season 1 Episode 6

Afghan hound Destiny persuades her owner Gary to enter her into the local dog show, at last. But when she gets infected with boorish fleas who delight in quoting comedy catchphrases, she struggles with her preparations for the canine intelligence round. Destiny decides to pull out until the fleas persuade her that they have the brains to help her win. Pigeon Kali decides to protest against the new anti-pigeon spikes that Gary has put down to reduce vermin, by throwing herself upon them. Finding Kali impaled, Gary looks after her, and feeds her up to several times her normal size.

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Mongrels Season 1 Episode 6 Soap2Day Review

The rapid development of the plot in Mongrels Season 1 Episode 6 completely captured my attention throughout the entire series, such a work is worthy of all praise.

I looked through all the new releases of 2019, and this series was a real discovery for me, the lively and realistic acting of the cast did its job.

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Serie: Mongrels

Episode Title: Destiny the Infection Risk

Air Date: 2010-07-27

Year: 2010