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The Supervet Season 2 Episode 4

The Supervet Season 2 Episode 4

One year old Labrador Ira is brought to Fitzpatrick Referrals by Joye, who noticed that Ira was dragging his feet when out on a walk. What was thought a small problem becomes a bigger one, as Noel reveals that Ira has a genetic spinal problem which means he is in constant pain. Noel has to find a way to restore Ira and get him back to Joye.

The Supervet Season 2 Episode 4 Soap2Day Review

The Supervet Season 2 Episode 4 - this series has turned out with a unique atmosphere that relaxes and makes it possible to just have a good time watching an interesting story.

I looked through all the new releases of 2019, and this series was a real discovery for me, the lively and realistic acting of the cast did its job.

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Serie: The Supervet

Episode Title: Ira, Tom and Marley

Air Date: 2014-11-05

Year: 2014