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    Fukushima 50 / フクシマフィフティ

    Fukushima 50 / フクシマフィフティ

    Workers at the Fukushima Daiichi facility in Japan risk their lives and stay at the nuclear power plant to prevent total destruction after the region is devastated by an earthquake an tsunami in 2011.

    Fukushima 50 / フクシマフィフティ review by Soap2Day

    Fukushima 50 / フクシマフィフティ Soap2Day I liked the twisted plot and realistic characters who spent 122 minutes trying to find the right path in life.

    I will definitely review this wonderful film more than once, it is in the genre of Drama one of the most memorable, a great director`s work.

    Among the variety of new movies 2020, I want to highlight this particular film, my heart of a cinephile was won by beautiful characters and their difficult destinies.

    Another work of Setsurô Wakamatsu, and another sensation in the world of cinema, a chic film with an unusual storyline, which is crowned by an unexpected ending.

    In this film, Hidetaka Yoshioka, Hisahiro Ogura, Keisuke Horibe, Ken Watanabe, Koichi Sato, Masato Hagiwara, Mitsuru Hirata, Naoto Ogata, Narumi Yasuda, Shôhei Hino really believe, they were able to realistically convey the full range of emotions of their characters, telling their story in detail.

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